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The Whiterocks Liquid version keeps the efficiency and versatility of the solid Whiterocks, but it is more suitable for light and daily cleaning and also for very large areas (e.g. floor). You start with the solid Whiterocks and then you maintain on a daily basis with the liquid version.

It can be diluted in water or used directly from the bottle. For example, to clean a mirror in the bathroom and preventing it from steaming during the hot shower, you should apply 4 or 5 drops of the product directly onto the mirror and rub with a sponge to cover the whole area. After a few seconds remove the cream with a cloth, kitchen paper or a microfibre towel.


If diluted in water, we recommend 7 or 8 drops of the product mixed with water in a spray bottle. Then spray your sinks, shower screens or floor and use a cloth or a mop to clean it.


Please note that for deep and difficult cleaning you must use the solid version of the product. The liquid version is not suitable to clean a burnt oven, polish metal or remove limescale from tiles for example. The liquid version of the product is an excellent complement to the solid version but it will not replace it.


You should always shake the product before use.

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